In an exclusive interview with The Better India (TBI), Chabbra takes us thru the story of how she decided to take the price of her fitness and existence and turn out to be a function model for girls and younger girls who conflict with weight troubles.

Being a part of a conventional joint Punjabi own family, Chabbra juggled family chores with her activity as an administrator at a college. Work and home, coupled with taking care of a then four-yr-old became quite a few pressure for Chabbra. With no time to exercise, she had started out setting on weight.

“Initially I thought, it became genetic, due to the fact most of my own family members have been at the heavier aspect. And frequently my husband could additionally shaggy dog story: it’s ok; you’re a mother; you look like a mom.”


While the, first of all, blamed her lifestyle and her pressure-eating for the weight gain, over a period of time she realized that even when she wasn’t eating as a lot, the burden scale persisted to fluctuate inside the 90s variety.

One of the sizable times that pushed Chhabra to consider her fitness turned into a university reunion celebration she attended. “Two of my pals looked at me aghast and pounced on me announcing, “Fulti hello java Rahi hai to! (You are getting fatter by means of the day) Look at you! What are you doing? You were so active in university as an athlete and an NCC cadet. What passed off?”

When she consulted a medical doctor, she turned into diagnosed with hypothyroidism and PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian disorder). It becomes additionally around the identical time that her mother-in-law, who changed into an essential cog inside the own family, become recognized with final stage breast cancer.

“So I definitely couldn’t put my issues earlier than hers. She became in the sanatorium on and off for two years, and I become the best lady inside the family for her help. Her condition or even her passing in 2014, had taken a massive emotional toll on our entire own family,” shares Chabbra.

She quit her process to take care of her family. Often frustrated, strain-consuming became a shelter. She might motel to ingesting dangerous meals all of the time. The medical doctor persevered to alert her about the deteriorating health graph.

“When you meet your lengthy distant household, they regularly say, ‘Why are you setting on weight? Are you overeating? It is because you laze around?’” says Chabbra.

Chabbra determined she had had enough. And so she kickstarted her fitness journey on sixteen January 2016.

It started with walking.

“Even after I walked a small distance of two km I would start feeling breathless. But I did now not prevent. I additionally commenced searching up physical games over the internet that I could do at home to live match.”

She also convinced her husband to buy her a treadmill. What followed became a weight loss of 18 kg inside seven months!

‘She needs to had been so happy!’ You may think. Well, she wasn’t. She had resorted to severe aerobic where she would move on walks that lasted hours and starved herself.

“Of direction I lost a lot of weight. But I become also dropping muscle and all my strength. I turned into exhausted all the time, had intense blackouts and couldn’t consciousness at all.”

Soon her husband acquired his new posting, and the circle of relatives shifted from Delhi to Gangtok.

“It changed into around the same time that my pal despatched me a hyperlink of a set for weight trainers. I turned into surprised at how strong and chiseled the girl’s weightlifters seemed. I realized health became not just about losing weight but additionally preserving your frame toned. And often when you lose weight, your pores and skin start striking, which strength-training can assist address.”

Apart from staying in touch with an internet instructor who mentored her workout plans and diets, she also joined a gym to educate. Seven months into it, she misplaced every other 12 kg and became feeling loads greater assured and healthy. She also used this time to get herself licensed in nutrients and as a non-public instructor.

She additionally switched from a vegetarian to a non-vegetarian weight loss program for her protein requirement. She turned from junk food to homemade meals and in no way regarded back at any fad diets.

Her journey to health changed into a long and again-breaking battle, but in the end worthwhile. She then determined to proportion it with the arena. All she required to become a platform.

And so, when Mrs. India Earth registrations opened, she determined to take a leap of faith. She changed into now not disenchanted, as, in 2017, she changed into crowned the second one-runner up of the pageant and Mrs. Body Fit too!

12 months and a half ago, she based Diksha Chhabra Fitness Consultations and has been a virtual trainer where she has trained extra than three hundred humans around the world with her three-month fitness programmes. The transformations of many of these individuals are often featured on her Instagram profile that has more than 107K fans.

“As a female who struggled with frame picture and weight issues myself, it’s miles very empowering for me to assist younger ladies and ladies discover their confidence returned through my work.

“As I stated, fitness isn’t always about weight-loss, but being healthy and feeling stunning and assured from inside. And regularly I say to many girls, don’t examine your self with others. Some human beings and their bodies are designed in a way in which they can lose weight without too much attempt. But some of us have to go that extra mile. If making a decision to paste to the fight, be proper to yourself and commit yourself to an aim; you can be unstoppable.”

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