For frowsy eyebrows, use an antique toothbrush. Brush upward and go with the grain. Ignore the tuft that forks the wrong manner. One imperfection is charming.

Draw the lipliner where the lips hit the pores and skin — the tender borders above and under. Fill within the higher lip with a shimmery MAC: maybe “Icon” or “O.” Then drag each lip past one another. Kiss yourself into glamour!

When taking walks in heels, in reality, fake you’re now not carrying shoes. Look up, appearance beforehand, and stride ahead, as if your feet are as naked because the day you have been born, as bare as while we ran along Senanga Road collectively, elevating purple dirt in our wake.


A nail brush also works great for smoothing hair lower back in a bun. For shine, use a few gel— L’Oréal Studio or Ampro Protein — the zigzaggy white bottle or the small brown bath.

Unwanted hair is a virulent disease upon the house of the frame. Bleach, blades and Nair will preserve it at bay. Because we’re blended race, our leg hairs curl at a lower price. They dive beneath the pores and skin and depart a skinny black splinter or a knotless ingrown than grown-back. Pinching them free with fingernails is deeply gratifying, although you’ll bleed, then scab, then scar.

A stumble is just the damaged ghost of a stride. Catch your self and step right through it.

O.B. Tampons preserve you in contact along with your frame. There is not anything shameful approximately your duration. Here, permit me to show you a way to use them. There is not anything shameful about your body.

Black six-hole Docs appearance true with jeans, however, they look even better with the attire. They’re great pricey, but if we ever purchase one, we can trade off every different day.

Standing akimbo for pics can also seem tacky, however, it thins the higher palms like a hex.

The body isn’t just a canvas; it’s a cloth that you may truly sculpt. Tattoos and piercings modify the pores and skin, flesh grows and recedes and is moldable. You can discover ways to widen your eyes. You can stand a whole inch taller. You can breathe your lips into being.

Relaxing, bleaching, and dyeing the hair on your head inside the space of every week will inevitably result in catastrophe. Take it from me. Black-as-night curls will fall in clumps in the bath. But you could constantly wear extensions until you’ve grown enough hair for an Afro.

The morning will come while you’ll hunt in useless for our Docs because it’s your day to put on them. When you get home from school, you’ll see them resting on the brink of the sofa, still connected to my toes at the same time as I take my afternoon nap. Fuming, you’ll strive to drag the boots off and we’ll grow to be in a double headlock, every gripping the alternative’s hair until we each break straight away and retire to split toilets. Never talk of it again.

You can wear grey touch lenses, or red, or inexperienced. It doesn’t mean you’re looking to appear white. Lots of combined women have light eyes.

Don’t inhale at once. Sip the smoke into your mouth as if from a straw. Then part your lips barely and breathe in. Marlboro Lights are the maximum fashionable — white and gold and thin. They flavor satisfactory with coffee or after a glass of wine. The odor of cigarette and the heady scent of Cabotine make the most adorable bouquet together.

Pulling off an outfit is an issue of self-belief. So this flared jumpsuit with cap sleeves and waist cutouts, in a blue and white pattern like a sky with clouds, paired with army platform shoes? You can completely put on this to a Busch Gardens topic park in Williamsburg, Virginia.

For curls, practice Pantene Pro-V conditioner and Suave mousse in your moist hair. Part a lock from the scalp and wrap it around your finger. Pull lightly to launch. Repeat for the complete head of hair. Depending on its duration, this can take among five and 20 minutes. It can be meditative in case you’re not running overdue.

When you get a keloid scar from choosing a pimple, simply pencil it in with eyeliner to make a fake beauty mark.

Rape can show up at any time. Maybe it takes place whilst you’re 15 and dressed like Madonna — fishnets, shorts, a protracted-sleeved crop top, your clip-on ponytail swaying as you clip-clop down the steps in knee-high boots — all black, even your lipstick. Or perhaps it takes place some different day, while you’re for your sweats at a celebration within the suburbs. Two boys, a door shuts.

Bedroom eyes take exercise. Take beauty naps. Take anemia naps. Take naps for sadness and for desires.

Sing that song we heard at Alvin Ailey. The religious. I wouldn’t be a sinner, Lord. Now come and sing it again for Mummy and Papa. I’ll let you know the reason why. Do you pay attention to how you can sing? I wouldn’t be geared up to die. Your voice. Yeah, I wanna be geared up, Lord. Your voice.

You can use your beauty to get matters from guys. An unfastened massage from the creepy neighbor whose residence smells like incense. That different creepy guy’s dad’s old jeans from the seventies. An unfastened ride to high school each day. An unfastened drink in every bar you step into. The sidewalk will chime with wassups whilst you stroll it, guys will gaze to your wake like you’re the Pied Piper, your face and your frame the music.

Having beginning control needles embedded on your internal arm might be clever while you’re studying overseas in France for a yr. But aspect consequences like weight advantage are tough to undo, especially if mixed with new get right of entry to to cheeses and debilitating, surprising homesickness.

When it comes to beauty, nature gave us lots but now not the whole thing. As for the rest, you could scouse borrow it.

It’s not impossible to drop 30 kilos in a month. It’s smooth in case you take the proper drugs.

Play “Für Elise” as frequently as you want. Practice for days on that rotting piano. It gained’t carry me home. It may bypass the time considering I ran away, but it gained’t velocity it up. I will come domestic best after I need to.

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