While a dinner party of rock idols the likes of Aerosmith, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Nickelback dish out epic anthems on the Exodus song pageant this summertime, businesses of VIP concertgoers might be chowing down on an extra lavish experience an earshot away.

A collection of mouthwatering 4-course meals cooked up with the aid of celeb chefs Massimo Capra and Lynn Crawford are being served in a seated, shaded location for the price tag improve $225 according to man or woman. Each meal comes with wine pairings and craft beer, in addition to the bragging rights of a completely unique revel in.


If that’s now not sufficient, there’s some other upgrade known as the “Ultimate VIP” bundle, which Exodus co-founder Mike Dunphy calls “the creme de la creme” of the competition weekend. He stated the increased, 15,000-rectangular foot tent might be air-conditioned with an open bar, a cigar front room, and valet provider, and decorated with cranium-themed furnishings designed for the occasion. Those tickets move on sale in a few weeks, even as a regular “VIP admission” is already available, with a tented living room and “luxury” washrooms.

Extravagant perks like these might have been reserved for the maximum elite only some years in the past, but as Canadian tune galas seek ways to attract larger crowds, the platter of privileges is developing, for folks that can manage to pay for it.

At Exodus, which kicks off its inaugural 4-day fest on July 11 in Clearview, Ont., out of doors Barrie, the VIP experience may be especially popular thinking about the performer lineup appeals immediately to the boomer technology and their wholesome disposable profits.

“(Our) age demographic isn’t always just going to stand in a field, bouncing around, consuming water and doing something else goes on at an EDM (competition), in case you recognize what I’m pronouncing,” stated Dunphy.

“We had to deliver the things to do… from the minute they arrive at the minute they move domestic.”

It’s a message echoed by using many summer track festivals across the USA as they cater to festivalgoers who as soon as came for the music, but now need an enjoy extra similar to a holiday getaway.

Gabriel Mattacchione, who oversees the Ever After digital music festival in Kitchener, Ont., says the VIP enjoy by no means used to carry so many expectations.

“As long as you had a deck, color area, and personal washrooms, it turned into a quite desirable VIP segment,” he stated.

“Now, that’s subpar.”

He pointed to a flood of social media hobby popping out of foremost track festivals as one purpose why the sport has modified. With occasions which include Coachella and Lollapalooza elevating the bar, homegrown festivals feel pressured to deliver greater stunning experiences even as budgeting for smaller Canadian crowds.

At Ever After, which is held at a waterpark, some of the maximum appealing functions of the grounds are available to anybody, such as a wave pool and midway games.

“I name our venue a ‘unicorn venue’ because of all of the on-web page facilities it comes with,” said Mattacchione.

“It’s much less approximately the headliners and the acts which might be going to be there because the ones are interchangeable. We, in reality, try to build a lifestyle to the emblem, and what that means is buying into how good a time you’re going to have, no matter who’s on the stage.”

But the VIP segment remains wherein it’s at, on the subject of upselling on tickets, he brought.

Ever After’s “The Royal Grounds” pass is beefed up with VIP bonuses together with a pageant pre-party and massages close to the main stage.

There’s additionally a glitter bar, this yr’s trendiest festival perk, where VIPs can cover their our bodies in sparkle paint earlier than taking pictures.

Mattacchione stated Instagram, particularly, motivated some of the selections.

“It does provide a sure look to someone’s lifestyle: I’m at a tune pageant getting a message. It’s pretty high-curler fame,” he added.

Nick Farkas, vice president of concerts and occasions at promoter Evancho, performs an instrumental role in staying ahead of VIP expectations at Montreal’s Osheaga. When the occasion began in 2006, the VIP experience “wasn’t, in reality, a factor,” he stated, however heading into its 14th 12 months organizers say that “simply having amazing tune is not usually enough.”

“That was genuinely a turning factor for me when people were like, ‘Yeah I don’t need to head anymore due to the fact I don’t need to face in a field, I don’t want to line up for bathrooms.’ And I’m like, ‘Well that sucks due to the fact you used to like doing this,’” he stated.

“We started out figuring out methods to encourage folks that are huge music lovers to nevertheless come and revel in it.”

Making the VIP treatment feel valuable isn’t clean in Canada, Farkas stated.

Osheaga can’t promise its suggests can be flooded with Hollywood celebrities, a bragging proper that’s become a selling factor on social media for some U.S. Gala’s, in particular, California’s famed Coachella.

So rather, Osheaga emphasizes a “platinum” package stacked with “little matters that cross a long way,” he said

A three-day “platinum” skip, which prices $1,250 every, comes with a behind the scenes excursion, a different front room, trip carrier between the concert ranges, and a the front-pit viewing area. This yr, organizers plan to test an on-website VIP concierge service that suggests neighborhood restaurants and tourism experiences outside the occasion grounds.

There’s additionally a daily brunch with mimosas, a rub down region and a body of workers of make-up artists.

“If you get a hazard to sit down in a chair and get anyone to redo your make-up, it’s a massive vendor,” he said.

“(It’s about) being pampered and having an enjoy that’s memorable.”

The Escapade Music Festival in Ottawa is taking an exceptional technique by making VIP ticket holders feel like they’re inside the center of the movement.

Ali Shafaee, director of partnerships at organizer DNA Live, said regularly VIP sections are relatively remote from the level — either above the motion on a platform or pushed off to the facet.

So this yr, Escapade is bringing the spectacle to the VIP phase with confetti cannons and carbon dioxide blasters that look superb in pics.

“Any time a DJ plays a song, and the (beat) drops and the CO2 is going off, it (also) goes off in the VIP,” Surface stated.

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