If there is , most effective one character whose recommendation you ought to definitely take on your wedding day make-up – it is Charlotte Tilbury.

The queen of glow and glamour has been accountable for the bridal make-up of some of the biggest A-listing weddings, along with Amal Clooney and Kate Moss.

So whether or not you’re doing all your very own wedding makeup, or are just after some tips for touch-all through the day, right here’s Charlotte’s last bride manual.


1. Prep with a sheet masks within the morning

I constantly say you may’t have a beautiful painting without a stunning canvas. And an excellent skincare routine is so crucial, especially inside the lead up for your wedding, so you’ll have the maximum best, dreamy, glowing skin at the day.

My Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask (£18) is best to apply at the morning of the wedding to prep your complexion before making use of makeup! It has a unique biomimetic vector delivery device, feeding the complexion in which it desires it most for a greater youthful, brighter, hydrated looking finish.

2. Blend your foundation with your fingers

For basis utility and to avoid searching cakey, it’s key to prep the pores and skin first to make sure you’ve got a stunning canvas to paintings with.

[After your sheet mask and moisturizer], use a primer. My Wonderglow (£38.50) is my move-to base product to make certain each make-up stays for hours.

When making use of foundation, I use just sufficient to create a surely beautiful, glowing finish with diffused (however sufficient) insurance. Starting from the center of the face, mixture the muse outwards, only making use of where a touch extra insurance is needed. I use my fingers plenty due to the fact the warm temperature of your hands enables combo it in nicely.

3. Set the t-quarter with powder, but depart the cheeks

Once you’ve finished applying [your foundation], use a finely milled powder like my Airbrush Flawless Finish powder (£34) to set the bottom and prevent the foundation searching heavy, powdery or cakey.

This finely milled powder feels just like the maximum-thread be counted cashmere against your skin and facilitates to fasten to your make-up results easily – it additionally eliminates any unwanted shine for the pix!

Once the bridal make-up appearance is entire, I apply it with a gentle sculpting brush on the t-quarter, down the nose, at the chin, and across the forehead. I constantly hold the cheekbones free of powder so that they remain dewy searching and trap the mild.
Four. Use a brighter blush to avoid looking washed out in images

Lighting, flash or direct mild can be harsh and will make you look washed out, so while applying your makeup, you need to certainly beautify your capabilities.

Add slightly greater definition to the face using clever contouring tricks, focusing at the nostril, cheekbones, and jawline.

5. Use a soft-recognition highlighter, sparingly

I am the queen of the GLOW, so for me, your wedding ceremony makeup has to be as sparkling as you’ll be feeling at the day.

My Beauty Light Wand (£29) offers a first-rate soft-centered Instagram filter out on your pores and skin which appears as excellent in actual life because it does in pictures. I follow to the tops of cheekbones, the tip of the nostril and the inner nook of the eyes!
6. Use liner for long-lasting lip color

Your lips might be one of the fundamental areas of attention at some stage in the day, from the mystical first kiss as husband and spouse to spending time speakme to cherished ones.

To enhance the longevity of any lipstick for K.I.S.S.I.N.G., I continually use my Lip Cheat lip liner (£sixteen) first. The wax and oil-wealthy components work beautifully as a stencil, making sure lip shade lasts.

GLAMOUR pinnacle tip: Apply your liner all over your lips (as opposed to simply the define) to genuinely increase the lifestyles of your lip shade. When you apply the lipstick, practice as soon as and then blot with a tissue before applying a second layer.

7. Avoid experimenting on the day

Your wedding day is the time to decorate your natural splendor, you want to feel like the maximum stunning, assured, mesmerizing version of yourself. You don’t need to appearance completely special.

My recommendation to any brides would be to be careful of experimenting with new, bold colorations in your wedding ceremony day.

Neutral sun shades like chocolate and copper span all complexion and eye coloration combinations, constantly look results easily beautiful, are continually in fashion and suit all complexions.

On my wedding ceremony day, I selected to wear my Dolce Vita Luxury Palette (£39). It’s a look I wear most days because the terrific, decadent molten bronzey-golds and rich chocolate sunglasses really make my green eyes POP!
Top 3 gadgets to hold with you at the day

Lipstick & lip liner: “Keep it near for any touch-after sipping champagne!”
Concealer: “For touching up any little make-up smudges from glad tears”
Your signature heady scent: “I constantly say ‘spray the magic manner!’. I start through spraying it on my pulse factors – behind the ears, wrists, and ankles. I then spray a heady scent halo around my neck, head, and hair. I name it ‘Scent Contouring!’”

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