Weddings are a blissful event in which anybody involves have fun the marriage of two human beings and toast their happy wealthy destiny together. The parents of the newlywed couple proudly announce to the world their happiness that their youngsters have discovered every different. The wedding ceremony feast is to offer their blessing to the younger couple and start them off on their lengthy and fruitful adventure via existence collectively. Everything has symbolism in a Chinese wedding ceremony.

A traditional Chinese dinner party has 8 or nine dishes; except dessert, fruit and wedding ceremony cake on the give up. Eight is a lucky number to Southern Chinese people. This is due to the fact the sound of “eight” rhymes with the phrases for “to prosper”, “accurate luck” and fertility. “nine” rhymes with lengthy-existence.


The banquet starts offevolved with a platter of Chinese bloodless cuts includes five objects – jellyfish, bean curd, five spice pork shank, seaweed, and red meat slices. It is arranged to symbolize a dragon and phoenix [Ying and Yang] to symbolize the union of mystical creatures. The phoenix represents suitable luck, splendor and woman electricity. The dragon represents electricity, creativity, and male electricity.

The second course is generally Shark’s Fin Soup with crab meat or Eight Treasures soup. Both of those contain steeply-priced ingredients; this indicates the destiny prosperity of the wedding.

Fish – This is a have to for each wedding ceremonial dinner because it symbolizes abundance. This is literally saying to the couple: “May your off-spring be as plentiful because of the fish of the sea.” Or to be greater blunt “be fertile and breed like rabbits”. To Chinese people the marriage isn’t always complete unless it bears fruit, this is the couple has kids, the more the merrier. The fish have to actually have a head and tail. This signifies that each one projects that the couple has interaction in have a start and a finish, that come to a success crowning glory.

Abalone, sea cucumber and vegetable stir-fry are subsequent. These have a completely smooth texture and are from the ocean. Literally, they symbolize “easy cruising” for the couple’s dating and close family ties. The Chinese phrase for ‘sea cucumber’ likewise sounds much like ‘accurate coronary heart’.

Roast Suckling Pig. This symbolizes fertility. “May the wife have many toddlers to suck at her breast.” Suckling pigs in China are equivalent to sacrificial lambs, they’re “younger and innocent” symbols of virtue and purity.

Prawns in Chinese is pronounced “HA” – the sound of laughter. You eat prawns to generate extra laughter and happiness among friends. Honey prawns (despite the fact that non-conventional) are even better, then you definitely get “sweet laughter”.

A Whole Bird or Poultry like fowl, duck, quails or pigeons symbolizes peace and cohesion between humans. (Doves of Peace)

Noodles are lengthy and symbolize long existence.

Rice is a solid food in China, a big dish of rice symbolizes an abundant supply of food in the course of the couples life.

The wedding feast is finished with a sweet Red Bean and Lotus Seed soup. Red is the color of happiness. Beans and seeds are factors of fertility and boom. This dessert is very handy due to the fact you do not need the connection to show bitter.

The subject of this banquet is a wealthy and prosperous life for the newlyweds. Nearly every subculture and almost every faith inside the world says that kids are a blessing. The more severa your descendants the more blessed and rich you’re. Hope this gives you more perception into Chinese tradition.

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