Levi Strauss (LEVI) may be satisfactory regarded for making guys’ blue jeans, however, women’s style is a key component fostering proportion boom.

Shares of the San Francisco-based totally company had been surging in early afternoon trading Wednesday after a fantastic earnings record Tuesday nighttime.

However, the headline numbers may be outweighed by using some key factors that preserve a booming model for the organization. One of the aspects is continued growth in the sale of girls’ merchandise.


“Our method to diversify the enterprise via expanding for extra into tops, ladies’ underneath-penetrated markets and with our value manufacturers hold to supply robust results,” CEO Chip Bergh advised analysts at some stage in Tuesday’s night’s profits convention name. “Our general women’s enterprise grew 18%, which become the 15th consecutive region of a boom in girls with the ultimate 9 quarters being double-digit.”

The persevered energy in girls’ objects was referred to via CFO Harmit Singh as the biggest contributor to the profits beat, greater than doubling the increase inside the already saturated men’s class.

As girls’ class sales represent approximately 30% of general sales presently, there may be truly room for growth.

The underlying fashion may want to properly preserve increase for years yet to come as properly, as more ladies – especially more youthful consumers continuously eyeing style developments – flock to denim products.

According to Euromonitor, denim targeted at “curvier” ladies are a key selling object for Levi’s particularly and feature spurred the fast growth of the section within the U.S. And Mexico.

That extends past jeans as jackets and tops are key objects flying off cabinets.

The Guardian recently known as “the denim jacket the brand new electricity dressing”, mentioning superstar acceptance of the fashion preference and adoption in fashion suggests as a hallmark that they could provide an increase for manufacturers beyond conventional jeans sales.

While the anecdotal evidence of a strong fashion trend inside the West is well worth noting, the stats in Asia are even greater compelling.

The worldwide denim market was worth $56.2 billion in 2017 and is forecast to witness a CAGR of five.8% through 2023, in line with Prescient Strategic Intelligence. The transferring attitudes towards denim inside the Asian market are referred to as the key accelerant for this trend.

On an extragranular degree, ladies in China are among the most appreciative of denim styles within the place, in keeping with Euromonitor records. That being the case, the faucet into now not most effective e-commerce trends, but a focal point on women might be pivotal for Levi’s to gobble up market percentage. So a long way, this looks to be the Chip Bergh-led organization’s aim and have to maintain the boom many are forecasting for the newly-public call.

To make certain, the growth in athleisure globally threatens to reduce into skinny jeans sales that stay the largest class on the premise of its comfort cognizance and form becoming a fashion for ladies. The underlying fashion has allowed corporations like Lululemon Athletica (LULU) to command an over $20 billion valuation and a forward multiple near 50.

An activewear bias from women purchasers ought to create a constraint for the growth of denim merchandise universal that isn’t suitable to workout.

However, it isn’t a zero-sum game, as NPD Group, a New York-based marketplace research company, mentioned that denim income can coexist with athleisure.

“Jeans have continually provided shape, fashion, and feature however now they may be offering the consolation contemporary clients want,” NPD leader industry marketing consultant Marshal Cohen stated. “It’s a win-win for purchasers, denim producers, and retailers.”

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