Meghan Markle’s private baby shower involved a chic penthouse suite at NYC’s The Mark Hotel, a select number of celebrity guests and close friends, and a floral arrangement lesson—but what about the food?

The royal mom-to-be and her guests enjoyed a fare provided by Michelin-star chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, whose restaurant, The Mark, is located under the hotel. The exact menu of yesterday’s soirée remains unknown, but one guest did reveal that it did involve delectable, baby-themed sweets.

Daniel Martin, the Duchess of Sussex’s makeup artist at the royal wedding, shared an Instagram photo of cookies from the private party. The set included treats shaped like a stork carrying a newborn, a rattle, and a bib that reads “baby.”

Understandably, there are no pictures from inside the shower on social media, so Martin’s dessert snap offers a glimpse of the top-secret party. However, we do know that the intimate fête was hosted by Meghan’s longtime friends Serena Williams and Genevieve Hillis and coordinated by Jennifer Zabinski of JZ Events (who planned Williams’ wedding). The creations made from the floral arrangement lesson—led by Lewis Miller—were donated to Repeat Roses, which gives flowers to sites like hospitals, hospices, homeless shelters, and more.

Martin is a celebrity makeup artist whose clients include Elisabeth Moss and Nina Dobrev, but perhaps his most famous work is doing Duchess Meghan’s beauty look when she married Prince Harry last May at Windsor Castle. He gave the royal bride glowing skin, a smoky eye, strong brows, and pink lips.

“I was flattered to know that I was going to be a guest at the wedding and to be able to share this incredible moment with her,” Martin told ABC’s 20/20. “I didn’t assume anything, [so] when I got the invitation, of course, I was flattered and so stoked.”

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