Bondi’s Lauren Silvers packed her luggage elderly 21 and acquired a one-way flight to New York City.

The now-a success app entrepreneur wanted not anything more than to work in fashion PR and live in the glamorous city she’d visible on tv.

“I’d in no way been to New York. I just watched one million Sex and The City episodes and idea I just knew what it changed into like,” she instructed Yahoo Finance’s New Investors display.


“I completed uni and I turned into absolutely in the throes of MTV Hills, The Hills and The City. I changed into watching the ones suggests constantly and I was obsessed by using Whitney Port, Lauren Conrad and Kelly Cutrone who have been these large publicists.”

So Silvers landed in New York and naively went immediately to Cutrone’s business to offer her services.

“I Googled the deal with of her office and I dressed up in my quality stylish outfit on the time and walked into her workplace – and her assistant declined my offer to assist out and intern.

“Obviously I failed to recognize that they get hundreds of applications all of the time.”

After that rejection, Silvers knew she had to make herself stand out – and determined a small white lie might do.

“New York Fashion Week become coming up and I located out that Kelly Cutrone’s employer, People’s Revolution, has been representing two Australian designers – Camilla & Marc, and Zimmermann.

“So I emailed announcing, ‘I’ve labored with those manufacturers in Sydney’, which I hadn’t.”

Playing the “Australian card” labored a treat, and Silvers changed into hired as a helper for style week. She had her foot in the door.

Cutrone, through her appearances on reality tv, has popularity as a fierce woman who is not afraid to step on ft to get things achieved.

But Silvers managed to get on her properly aspect and even bond with one of the most feared human beings in style.

“She’s hard, however, she means nicely, she has a virtually true coronary heart,” Silvers advised Yahoo Finance editor-in-leader Sarah O’Carroll.

“I cherished her. We had a in reality, actually immediate, notable connection and immediately bond… I take into account we were taking walks down Fifth Avenue and we have been doing an occasion for Elizabeth Arden and her credit score card fell out of her lower back pocket

“I became on foot in the back of her and I ran up and I picked her credit score card off the ground and I was like, ‘Kelly, you dropped your credit card.’ And from that second she simply loved me.”

The internship with People’s Revolution set Silver’s lifestyles on the path to where she is now – the co-founder of Glamazon, a stylist reserving app with extra than 20,000 users, together with celebrities like Kate Hudson and Victoria Beckham.

Working with Cutrone at the sort of younger age instilled high-quality habits that last an entire life, said Silvers.

“Work ethic… Nothing can replace excellent paintings ethic. You clearly must paintings truely tough to get to wherein you need to be virtually.”

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