Huw Daniel, CEO, Platinum Guild International talks approximately this big possibility for platinum within the Indian markets. They desire to look it creates new tendencies and activities inside the country. PGI is asking at increasing its footprint & penetration accomplishing out to tier 1,2,3 and four towns gave its sturdy partner base.

Globally, till in which does Platinum Guild International have its attain and what are the crucial markets for you?


We operate in four markets together with our lead marketplace which is China in phrases of size. Followed through Japan, the US of America and India that is our fourth market. We also focused in Europe in advance but shifted all our assets and disbursed them across our other existing and new markets five years ago. Where the demographics of increase, go back on investment and customer profile had been extra beneficial. We degree our success close to the oz offered within the fabrication of platinum jewelry. We recorded the units and the Asian continent consumes 80%, to which India’s contribution keeps to grow, and it stays PGI’s most critical strategic market. We’re more interested in the growth potential where the increase facts factor closely in the direction of us of a growing at double digits touching 30%. We’re looking at a commercial enterprise of 500,000 oz. Inside the subsequent 2-three years. Our dollar in step with ounce funding is extra than every other marketplace in India.

How would you Indianize the platinum fashion inside us of a and make it extra customer pleasant in phrases of jewelry preference?

India is continually going to predominantly be a gold marketplace and there’s absolute confidence approximately that due to the fact it’s far the maximum conventional and background bound jewelry subculture inside the world. Our vision for platinum is to herald a one-of-a-kind form of jewelry enjoy for the clients here and produce an incremental opportunity in the industry. That is wherein we have built the commercial enterprise in India and our method is not to mimic developments accompanied by using different valuable metals here. It is set growing new markets and with platinum we created an entirely new class round love, converting the way Indians look at that precise phase. Platinum had to have a position within the wedding activities within u. S. A. And we created an occasion of blessing from the mother and the daddy to their daughter and the bridegroom. Platinum is offered for emotional motives and that has constantly been our purpose to exist and it’s far what we can retain constructing.

While covering 4 principal markets, how has the journey been for PGI in India?

We started our journey in India in 2000 and we continually placed platinum as a differentiated offering amidst others, launching our pilot test program inside the marketplace in Chennai. This led to our countrywide software in 2009 and we’ve had a 10-12 months long adventure in which the commercial enterprise has grown in double digits. The handiest year we confronted a mission in 2016 for the duration of demonetization however other than that we’ve most effective grown. Platinum is present over a thousand+ shops these days and are strong in Bengaluru, Kochi, Mumbai, Nashik, Hyderabad, Pune, Bhubaneshwar, Surat, Indore, Kolkata and much greater. This product is a tier 2,3 and four possibilities too and we’re locating young customers via the telephone, records penetration – teaching customers and informing their selections.

With a large increase potential for platinum in India, where might PGI stand in the jewelry industry within the near future?

Our mandate comes from the mining organizations in South Africa and it is very clean that PGI desires to retain our venture of bringing in productive opportunity. We aim to hold to find ways for platinum to enter different markets and we do this by working very closely with Indian manufacturers, outlets, and purchasers. In India, there may be a market-making function and through our efforts, we are sensitizing the purchasers in the direction of the cost of platinum and making it meaningful to them

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