Recently we asked the D’Marge community what the must-have fashion accessories for men are. The responses we received ranged from the basic to the downright bizarre.

What we found most interesting though was that most responses didn’t involve material goods, but instead mentioned behaviors that a man could only perfect, not purchase.

Here are the ultimate accessories for men that will never go out of style.
A ‘Smart’ Watch

There’s a lot to be said about a man with a nice watch. It shows he appreciates the more exceptional things in life and that he does not rely on his iPhone to tell the time. A quality watch should be high on every man’s list. It doesn’t need to be expensive; it needs to be classic and preferably not a Thailand special which you purchased after a visit to soapies. Do you finish?
A Decent Smile

Even if you have pearly whites like Steve Buscemi, there’s still much value in being able to smile. Nothing says you take yourself too seriously like the guy at the bar who’s too busy being cool rather than having a good time, which attracts e-taggers (B&Ts) and voids the accessory below. Smiles cost nothing and last a lifetime, so use them often.
A Beautiful Woman (Or Man) On One’s Arm

We all know beauty comes in many forms, but there’s a lot to be said for a man with a beautiful or smart or funny woman on his arm. If you get all three, then put a god damn ring on it. A quality partner tells the world that you’re a discerning chap who doesn’t have The Clap, she’ll bring out the best in you too. Pick a bad one, and they’ll think you drink the bath water.
A Real Classy Pen

No, not a biro, instead choose something that’s been handed down or recently purchased from the Caran D’Ache or Montblanc store. A gentleman’s special pen (no not that one) should be only used in times of triumph like signing the papers after selling your business or perhaps after putting that final nail in the divorce coffin. Choose wisely because it will be noticed.
Bloody Good Manners

All to often forgotten in the game of being a Cad & Bounder. We’re not entirely talking using your coat to cover puddles, but remember your P’s and Q’s, refrain from eating like a Neanderthal and when the time comes do NOT ask ‘if they are real.’ Manners are always noticed and noted, giving a man an air of success and maturity.
An Inoffensive But Memorable Cologne

We all have smells. Some good. Some bad. When it comes to cologne, I prefer to wear one that’s unique, sensual and memorable. It’s time to ditch the teenager deodorant and invest in a scent that will assume the role of chief panty remover and all-around deal maker. Take yourself down to David Jones and spend some time smelling the likes of Comme Des Garçons, Six Scents, Dior and YSL.
Knowledge & Book Smarts

They say knowledge is power and power makes the dishwasher and other cool things around the housework. Nothing will stop a man in life like a limited knowledge of what’s going on in the world around him. No need to be a scholar but at least know something other than the process of how Fosters is brewed, and you’ll be well on your way. Pick up a book, go to an art gallery and take in some culture.
Nice Shoes, Asshole

A timeless and true mark of a man is his shoes. Nothing kills a date with beautiful women quicker than a dirty pair of Cons and some Explorer Socks. Invest in leather, the Italian type that will outlast the many women you’re trying to impress. If you can afford it, we recommend owning more than one pair and alternating, so they don’t get worn out. Some inspiration can be found here.


A Helping Of Confidence

Nothing says you’re a man who people want to do business or get busy with like a man with his head held high, chest out and walking tall. Confidence has allowed some of history’s most significant failures to get to the top and stay there for oh let’s say…8 years (a fool me can’t get fooled again). Find something you’re good at, do it well and be proud that you do it so well. The feeling will extend to other areas of your life, and soon you’ll be John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.
A Sense Of Humour

Like the smile above, having a calm sense of humor should be a part of every man’s repertoire. It’s one thing to be the prim and proper man in the right context, but for all other purposes, there’s no need to be a Ned Flanders type. Make others laugh and when possible makes yourself laugh. Not only does it draw you positive attention from peers and potential lovers, but it’ll also help you be content with life’s cruel ways. Warning: There’s a fine line between light humor and douchebag. Getting your best mate’s sister pregnant is no laughing matter.
A Lot Of Patience

When we say patience, we don’t mean be a professional bum. As men, patience is a virtue many of us must master over time if we’re to stay centered and sane throughout life’s most significant trials. Biologically as programmed hunters, men tend to work in logical ways – cause and effect. We want something; we engage in an action to get it ASAP. That’s fine in some aspects of one’s pursuits, but when it involves other people or other parties, the line isn’t as bright, and things don’t always go your way. As a confident man, it’s where you need to be strong enough to state what you want from the other party and walk away if it doesn’t meet your goals or needs. This ideal can be applied to relationships, work, business deals and life in general. And it all ties back to patients where it’s due and living a happy life without drama.
Your Friends

The last and most important of all accessories are your friends. They say you can never soar like an eagle if turkeys surround you, and this rule I’ve stuck to all my life. That’s why I have a fantastic group of underachieving sociopaths as my closest acquaintances. Whether you like it not, you’ll always be judged by the company you keep. Choose wisely and don’t be afraid to let the occasional one go if you’re no longer aligned with total world domination.

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