Every bride/groom-to-be needs a memorable wedding. However, is it possible to tug this off without breaking the bank?

Planning for marriage may additionally name for a massive budget which won’t be in a single’s ability to fulfill; however admiration still stands.

The contemporary society settings may additionally position one between a rock and a tough region regarding their non-public economic mainstream; due to super glide expenditure that’s at instances very tempting that one may additionally keep in mind a mortgage to finance their dream wedding ceremony.

However, folks that are within the wedding business say that there are constantly dos and don’ts to don’t forget on the way to have a non-ballyhooed wedding ceremony price range.

Gather information

“Information is power” —this saying also can practice while one is making plans for marriage.

Rachel Uwambaje of Iwacu Fashion and Design, says records is the whole thing for those preparing for a wedding because it publications them on the way to make informed choices.

A couple needs to ensure that they have an extensive range of alternatives from which they can make selections, she says. Whether it’s miles the venue or the bridal apparel, one needs to be prepared with information; this helps in creating a right and low-priced choices.


It has been continuously beneficial to have a wedding at some point of the dry season than in the wet season no longer only for admirable glitz and glimmer that comes with it, but also the coast of the adornment price range.

During the dry season, you’ve got freedom of an outdoor wedding reception, in keeping with Olive Dusabe, a wedding planner.

And in terms of costs, Dusabe believes out of doors decoration is less expensive but the photos and videos tend to be quite and superb sufficient to go away a mark.

Minimize expenditure as you approach the wedding

Dusabe advises individuals who are making plans for a wedding, mainly the groom, to be mindful with payment as the marriage closes in. She thinks it’s smart to cut on the expenses and settle for what they’ll be capable of sustain after the wedding.

“I might endorse the male accomplice to be mindful with his expenditure, especially as the marriage strategies. If they were renting a house of let’s say Rwf one hundred fifty,000, let them choose a less expensive one, because, after the wedding, there may be new duties,” she says.


It is with no doubt that the maximum essential issue to take into account one’s wedding ceremony is the ensemble. Everyone would like to look stunning on their massive day; this is why when it comes to bridal apparel, brides locate it difficult to determine on robes—whether or not they must rent, purchase or maybe merely make new attires for the wedding.

Uwambaje says renting is tons less expensive than shopping for or making your very own apparel because a new wedding ceremony gets dressed for Rwf 200,000 but renting it can value Rwf 80,000.

“It is a one-day occasion, meaning you might never use your wedding ceremony robe again, so people have not to waste their cash, the identical have to apply to bridesmaids’ apparel.”

Reception region and décor

Honorine Uwamwezi manages a décor business; she says if one desires to have their day covered in best-looking decoration; however with an accommodative price, going for an outside reception is the nice.

You can select to have your reception in a garden; open decoration is much less high priced than indoor decoration due to the fact indoor needs more cloth, which inflates the charge, she says.

Cut down on the variety of wedding meetings

It is beneficial to have minimal conferences to avoid unplanned expenditure that can dry up your savings, says Dusabe.

In addition to this, she advises brides to be watchful, specifically for the first meeting, as its units the pace for the corresponding ones.

Limit the range of bride and groom aides

To have conceivable finances, wedding ceremony planners advise now not handiest to restriction the range of visitors for your wedding ceremony, however, to also thoughts the wide variety of maids you pick to have for your celebration, Miriam Asimwe says.

She explains that these subjects due to the fact the number of humans invited to decide how a great deal one spends if they’re many, it can hike the proposed price range.

“When you have few bridesmaids/groomsmen, it is simple and inexpensive to get dressed them. And for the visitors, one could pick out to simplest invite close friends and family,” she says.

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