A-listing celebrities have stylists who get dressed them for everything from movie premieres to their walks from the auto to the airport terminal (yes, virtually). But who can civilian guys of approach flip to for his or her non-public apparel conundrums? A new breed of “dresser fixer” has arisen in latest years to hack the closets of financiers, tech moguls, leisure executives, and different elites.

Today, thanks to social media, C-suite execs who once went incognito are anticipated to be public-going through representatives in their organizations, which means that having masses of judgmental eyeballs sizing up no longer handiest their enterprise acumen however additionally their sartorial selections.


In different words, unwell-fitting clothing and square-toed footwear are not acceptable. To make matters more complicated, the times of the suit as a trusty pass-to are over—the dark period “enterprise casual” rules the day, leaving many remarkable minds scratching their heads with regards to dressing their bodies. So Robb Report requested the various we of an’s principal fashion advisors to weigh in on how a man of feat needs to wear in these days internationally. Here’s what we located.
Victoria Hitchcock

Victoria Hitchcock Style, San Francisco, and the Bay Area

Years in the Business: 25

Services: “Excavation,” or enhancing a closet; “Rejuvenation,” which is targeted on building a wardrobe from the floor up; and “Lifestyle Optimization,” a full style improve.

Fee: $2,000 to $25,000
What makes you successful in your activity?

“I don’t work with human beings’ posses,” says Hitchcock, who insists on dealing immediately with customers. “I’m no longer a ‘sure’ individual. I’m here that will help you show your actual self.”
What is the variety-one mistake that men make?

“Getting bedazzled by emblem name or charge tag; these measures do now not necessarily equate to excellent. Also, men’s blouse lengths are always off. The cuff is just too lengthy, or on quick-sleeve shirts, it’s almost to the elbow. Some guys are still wearing a polo too wide, almost like a golf blouse.”

What’s the maximum commonplace recommendation you supply your clients?

“I ask human beings, ‘Why are you looking to improve? Are you going through a midlife disaster? Is it due to the fact you’re single, and you want to step it up? Is it due to the fact you work with individuals who all appearance a touch cooler?’ Figure that out. And irrespective of what you buy, ensure it’s comfortable and useful.”
What does every man need in his closet?

“A cashmere version of a vehicle coat or a peacoat, something gentle and elegant—assume Giorgio Armani, Loro Piana. Also, a leather jacket—each man needs one. Everybody has to have an crisp, white shirt with a brilliant collar that’s fitted, trim, in precise-satisfactory cotton.” As for footwear, she suggests a Chelsea boot. “Saint Laurent’s have been iconic because of the ’50s.”

What are gadgets that men in Silicon Valley, specifically, want of their closet?

“Hoka Bondi shoes: They are virtually cool however may be fashion-forward for some human beings. They’re insanely comfortable, like on foot on a cloud of air. Plus, they add an inch or two in height!” Other elegant but subtler items Hitchcock recommends are shoes from Maison Margiela, Lanvin or Golden Goose; Frame denim; a Moncler puffer jacket and a Maurizio Baldassari vest.

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