For a dressmaker, creativity exists everywhere—he regularly sees life in his own works of art. And Rajiv Popley’s cutting-edge platinum jewelry series is a notable example of this. His trendy, specially curated series merges two art forms: jewelry design and portray, both that Popley holds dear. Vogue spoke to the clothier about his new line, the foundation at the back of it and how jewelry and art pass hand-in-hand for him. Excerpts beneath.
Tell us approximately the muse at the back of your new platinum jewelry collection?


The notion has basically been my personal artwork and moods, that have been put into oil canvas. My art has been stimulated from the surrealism of Salvador Dali and the colors of Mark Rothko. They spell out emotions with the usage of soulful shades. The valuable gems, especially the rose cut diamonds, have been chosen in sun shades that satisfactory constitute my art.

Earrings with the aid of Rajiv Popley

What are a number of the motifs used within the jewelry pieces?

The lotus is an iconic function in my works of art, consequently, the motifs derived from the flower are seen in a lot of my jewelry designs. The particular shapes used inside the rose cuts helped me mixture them into petals of the lotus, which made it one-of-a-type and irreplaceable.
Which are some of the important thing portions from the line?

These earrings (as seen above), stimulated with the aid of a blue lotus, are one in all my favorite creations. The combo of teeth with platinum is an extraordinary phenomenon. The blue petals woven onto the blue teeth bring out the luster of the diamonds set with pristine pearls.

Symbolically speakme, a blue lotus suggests victory of the spirit over the senses; of intelligence, knowledge, and know-how. The jewelry is stimulated through this paintings (as visible above), that’s my tribute to one among Kabir’s famous does.
How do jewelry and art pass hand in hand for you?

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