A pair of Dunedin neighbors – one with reticulated water and the opposite without – have stopped sharing water after a dispute over a marriage venue.

The saga is anticipated to be aired at Tuesday’s meeting of the Dunedin City Council, in which body of workers has endorsed an “exceptional water connection” at the Ocean Grove assets be declined.

The forty one-hectare Tomahawk Rd belongings, that is owned by using Mark and Julie Caldwell, turned into zoned rural and located outside the metropolis’s water supply.


It acquired water from the neighbouring assets, which had a town water deliver connection.
The neighbour told Stuff he used to personal the Caldwells’ assets, but the plumbing became hooked up by a previous owner who spent his time among the 2 homes.
He turned the water deliver to the Caldwells’ belongings, which borders Tomahawk Lagoon, off in February after turning into irritated they have been granted council consent to run a marriage venue there.

“They assumed the water changed into theirs, however it wasn’t,” the neighbour, who declined to be named, said.

The man said he bought the Caldwells the property in 2016 and informed them about the water supply, which is fed thru a pipe from his assets and down a long gravel driveway.

The settlement to proportion water ended while the Caldwells proceeded with their plans to function a wedding venue, he stated.

The plan have been hostile by means of dozens of other residents within the coastal network, however a petition did now not forestall it from going ahead.

“It has now not been handled very well,” the Caldwells’ neighbour stated.

Mark Caldwell advised Stuff he become not in a function to talk approximately the water saga and was yet to see the schedule for the council’s meeting on Tuesday.

“It is just one of these situations which has took place.”

A Land Information Memorandum (LIM) report for the belongings referred to it turned into unserviced and now not entitled to reticulated servicing from the council.

When the Caldwells carried out for a land use consent application to establish a wedding venue for as much as one hundred fifty humans, their utility said the website online had a self-serviced water deliver.

But a council listening to committee selection, released in January, stated a situation of the consent changed into that the “applicant should display that the assets is self-sufficient in terms of provision of good enough water and firefighting water components to guide the activity”.

After their neighbour became off the water supply, the couple contacted the council, which hooked up a temporary hosepipe from every other family while they carried out for a permanent solution.

A council record notes there would be enormous new water use at the belongings given the economic hobby now allowed there, and it did no longer advocate the council approve the brand new water deliver as it was “not of strategic benefit to Dunedin”.

While there has been available ability to supply water to the belongings, the council could have to deploy a one hundred eighty-metre pipeline, which could price it approximately $100,000.

The costs would have to be recouped if the council approved the new water deliver.

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