The Office of Angela Scott is more than just a luxury shoe brand worn by means of celebrities like Cate Blanchett, Taylor Swift, and Julia Roberts. It represents the collective energy of all ladies. Angela Scott founded her corporation after she clearly got an understanding of what it approach to “maintain up with the men.” Tired of walking at the back of her male opposite numbers on creation websites in high heels, Scott desired to prove that a female can be assured, sexy and smart in shoes which might be extremely good and comfy. She based the organization seven years in the past and until lately most effective had herself and another worker operating at the logo—communicate approximately lean and imply! Not most effective that, however, the enterprise is female-owned, woman-run and woman-funded—the best trifecta. She calls herself an “operating dressmaker” which translates to she does all of it. This fierce entrepreneur took some time to chat with me approximately her profession evolution, what it’s like to work in a male-ruled enterprise and what the destiny holds for a brand committed to assisting ladies thru their achievements.

Caroline Castrillon: How did your profession evolve to in which you ultimately released your very own shoe emblem?


Angela Scott: I’ve constantly had a love for style, especially footwear. When I turned into a challenge supervisor on creating web sites, I honestly got expertise in what it approach to “hold up with the lads.” In my early twenties, I used to tell myself that I had to dress a positive manner to be taken significantly—you recognize, the pencil skirts, the excessive heels, and most of the time it turned into me jogging behind those businesses of men on task sites trying to appearance expert and keep it all together—it felt a bit insane. I desired to change this concept of girls going for walks in excessive heels at the back of men. A lady can be assured, attractive and sensible in at ease shoes. Then, when I worked in PR at Neiman Marcus, I had that concept inside the lower back of my thoughts. I worked with many designers, those big brands that I concept had been so huge, however, had been truly just a couple of people doing a ton of work backstage making it look larger than it changed into. That’s after I genuinely was given the self-belief to take the leap.

Castrillon: What changed into it like operating as a girl in a male-dominated enterprise?

Scott: It’s humorous because things haven’t changed a lot! The shoe enterprise specifically, is very male-dominated. Also, I even have to say in the beginning, it was genuinely hard getting recognize, particularly at the producing stage. I’d walk right into a room, and all and sundry could shake fingers besides for mine. When they found out that it becomes my name on the shoes they had been produced, even then they could direct inquiries to the man standing closest to me. I mean, it could be the guy that drove me there! So, it turned into a bit tough. I think the lesson that it taught me was that a female has to assert herself and that is now not a negative issue. We ought to be ahead, and we must additionally be eloquent, confident and take ourselves critically because if we take ourselves critically, everybody else in the room will too.

Castrillon: What had been the early years like whilst you first started out?

Scott: We bootstrapped the enterprise, so it changed into a touch crazy inside the beginning. The first years it turned into literally simply me—I might work on packing, transport, labeling, accounting, design development, advertising and marketing, and pictures. Then, ultimately, I hired an intern who later became a worker. We ran the business enterprise, simply the two folks, until a little less than a year ago. I do not suppose you realize how tons you can accomplish until you need to. Castrillon: That’s exceptional. I examine which you had people working on the brand till recently and I nearly didn’t trust it.

Scott: And she’s nonetheless here! Thank goodness.

Castrillon: Why did making a decision to place the brand as one which celebrates the power of girls?

Scott: The women’s footwear industry is approximately sexualizing women. I wanted to alternate that idea, and in place of sexualizing them, I wanted to give girls strength and self-belief. There’s nothing extra stunning than a lady’s power, and we want to rejoice that.

Castrillon: How did you provide you with such a unique call?

Scott: It’s one of these matters wherein the shoe logo isn’t always about me. I did not need it to be Angela Scott. It’s surely approximately a collective of women. It’s about moms, legal professionals, doctors, advertising administrators, and writers. It’s approximately ladies who imply enterprise. So, the name represents the collective power of all girls.

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