In this piece, Laura Cordes, co-founder, Gardoré, speaks to DTC Daily approximately the adventure of her commercial enterprise, the primary platform specializing in style garb and add-ons for enterprise ladies. Gardoré is an e-commerce marketplace presently operating with 25 companions which include independent designers, stores, and large manufacturers which includes Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, and Daniel Hechter. In this Q&A, we learn the way the enterprise has grown to this point and its plans for destiny.
DTC Daily: Why did you establish Gardoré? Why did you put it up as an internet business?


Laura Cordes: When I labored as a representative for huge companies in Germany, I realized myself how hard it’s far – especially as a lady – to find satisfactory and suitable clothes for paintings. First, I notion it changed into best me who didn’t know yet what and in which to store. But I found out that my lady colleagues and friends had equal problems, so I commenced to search for an answer and didn’t find any. I felt we wished a solution, something that makes it easier for ladies to discover the right outfits for work given that our garb has this type of robust effect on others, however also on ourselves. The right outfit can be an actual self-self belief booster. My co-founder Anna had a similar revel in, even earlier than we knew every different. So we joined forces to help ladies locate their ‘powerstyle’, as we call it. We offer our solution on-line due to the fact that the manner our customers can reach out to us from any area whenever.
How has Gardoré grown up to now? What function has Antler played in helping this growth?

For quite some time we bootstrapped Gardoré and grew handiest organically. Antler allowed us to make investments some first money into the development of the task. What turned into as a minimum of the identical significance become the support of the Antler team in the course of the programme. We may want to task our strategy and concept with real specialists and got a number of precious enter on one of a kind questions we were going through. On pinnacle of that, Antler has a big community, which is constantly useful.
What had been the simplest advertising and marketing channels for acquiring new customers and using a boom?

For us, content material advertising works thoroughly. Women have a whole lot of questions and insecurities around the topic of business style. They additionally value adequate and shoppable thought a lot. We create high-quality content material to present orientation and inspiration. This is specifically shared through our social media channels and email.
How are you using statistics from the Gardoré platform to help preserve your increase and product presenting?

Data could be very critical to better recognize what virtually creates a fee for our clients. How is it simpler to use our platform? Which merchandise are demanded lots? What are the topics that include the maximum open questions? In addition, information is vital to healthy character customers with relevant products for them in my opinion. There’s a whole lot of capability in facts to without a doubt enhance the customer revel in within the purchasing manner.

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