In the modern-day video we didn’t realize we needed, Snoop Dogg Opens a New Window. Walks viewers through a complete-face make-up habitual. And it’s officially the great component we’ve watched all day.

The 47-yr-vintage rapper teamed up with NikkieTutorials — or as he refers to her “Nick Nack” — to narrate a makeup academic Opens a New Window. With Marc Jacobs Beauty. From calling a makeup brush a “bris-rush” to define what he thinks highlighter is, the complete component is hilarious from beginning to finish.


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The unlikely duo starts offevolved off while she clips again her hair, which Snoop says is “so she will be able to get those edges together while she begins popping that makeup.” Then she applies Marc Jacobs Beauty Under Perfecting Coconut Face Primer Opens a New Window. , or “the roots” in line with the rapper, with a “bris-rush” due to the fact afterward she’s going to “lay down the foundation.”

After patting the muse and concealer in, she begins to contour the cheekbones, nose, and forehead with, “that taste that I like proper there, that caramel brown.” Finishing off the bottom with Marc Jacobs Accomplice Instant Blurring Powder Opens a New Window. , the video moves directly to recognition at the eyes Opens a New Window.

She begins making use of a pink shadow into a smokey cat eye Opens a New Window. For (in line with the “Gin and Juice” singer) a “real dynamic” look. With this, Snoop appears quite inspired. “Nikkie, you searching like a work of artwork proper now,” he says. “Go beforehand now. I’m loving this. It’s like a portray via Picasso.”

After highlighting the forehead bone, the internal corners, and blending, she applies a flick of the liner with a felt-tip eye pen. At this factor, she cuts in to mention that she’s going to “smoke out” her liner, hinting that he can also know an element or two approximately this. “I’ll join you,” he jokes, clarifying, “What she approaches by means of ‘smoke it out’ is not what I’m doing right now.” Instead, he says her smokey eyeliner Opens a New Window. A method is “giving it an outer layer so it seems like it has specific layers to it. As if smoke turned into around it.”

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She finishes off her eyes through making use of a faded purple to the lowest lids’ waterline, something Snoop did not take care of due to the fact “it’s touchy for him.”

But as soon as she is going in to add highlighter to her cheekbones, he’s back into it. “This is when she sprinkles that highlight on so that manner, from a distance, it looks like she got glare or glitter on her face,” he explains, “like a real famous person.”

Snoop approves of the very last appearance, pronouncing, “When you close up your eyes it seems like a butterfly.”

That’s it, from now one we most effective want to watch makeup tutorials this hip-hop legend narrates.

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