In a conversation with SMBStory, Fausto’s Akhilesh Bagaria speaks about how the gene-based totally weight loss plan and health plan his company offers is an excellent way to go about pursuing a healthier lifestyle.

Fitness is a lucrative industry in India. With gyms and yoga centers mushrooming on each street, town dwellers are spoilt for preference. But in conjunction with choice comes quite a few misinformation – weight-reduction plan fads, incorrect recommendation approximately weight reduction, and workout routines no longer sponsored by means of technological know-how abound.


There are lots of app-based fitness regimes that provide diets and workout plans primarily based on Body Mass Index (BMI). However, “the eating regimen provided primarily based at the BMI does not have a scientific method,” says Vaibhav Bhandari, co-founder, Facto.

Seeing an opening to be addressed Akhilesh Bagaria (26), and Vaibhav (23) released Faacto in December 2018 to offer gene-based diets and health plans to its clients. It is one in all India’s first gene-based fitness and health programs. The corporation is based totally out of Kolkata and is bootstrapped with a capital of Rs 25 lakh.

Akhilesh explains why genetics play a crucial role and how are bodies react to precise vitamins and physical activities, and the way Facto helps people increase their fitness sport via technological know-how-backed diets and plans.

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Akhilesh Bagaria: Facto is a digital fitness and fitness platform that brings advanced technologies to at least one’s fingertips. It is one in every of India’s first gene-based health and fitness packages, in which the individual’s DNA is studied.

Customers sign in on the Factor mobile app in which nutritionists and specialists guide them on main a healthy way of life on a subscription foundation. Generally, we provide loose services for BMI-primarily based eating regimen and health, however we cognizance on gene fitness where we manual the consumer right from the start and connect them with our professionals primarily based on their DNA.

The incredibly qualified specialists come together to craft diet and exercising plans for our customers with an entire new degree of personalization. We’re using ideas like nutrigenomics and fitgenomics, which help supply us an in depth breakdown of the body and what it virtually wishes.

The celebrities and famous personalities have to get admission to to gene-primarily based fitness and health programmes. However, because it isn’t always ‘inside the market’, most of the people of the health community aren’t even aware of this concept.

SMBS: How changed into Facto started?

AB: It all started while Vaibhav and I had been pursuing our levels. We have been pretty discontent with our fitness tiers and determined to do something about it. That’s while we realised that there has been

a dearth of correct dieticians and fitness professionals. After dedicating ourselves to months of

constrained diets and difficult exercise schedules, we slightly managed to make a distinction,

which eventually got us annoyed and, to be honest, pretty unhappy. Amidst our frustration and

struggle a communique approximately deserving better subsequently drove us to find an answer.

So, when we found a cause that both people believed in, we teamed up and formed a product that easily fits the requirements set by means of the same enterprise in nations just like the US and the United Kingdom.

Initially, I contacted AMRI clinic in Kolkata to position forth my plan. We have been new to this phase and had no concept the way to proceed. I approached the pinnacle management of this clinic chain and after going thru idea their reactions were nice.

They introduced us to a lab in Pune wherein we conduct DNA checks of our customers.

The execution of the plan took a touch longer and we became operational in December 2018. In a span of virtually 5 months, we’ve got generated a revenue of approximately Rs 10 lakh.

SMBS: How do you provide gene-primarily based diets and fitness plans in your customers?

AB: People who desire to pick our gene-primarily based diets and fitness plans subscribe to the app and sign in their delivery address and get in touch with a wide variety. We then send a ‘DNA checking out package’ to their shipping cope with through our logistics partner, FedEx. Once they obtain the package, they have to observe the commands given to them after which acquire their swab in a kit.

They need to then fill in the shape and send the kit lower back to us. They may additionally time table the reverse select up on the app or call our office.

The check package is then sent to the lab in which the consequences are generated. On the premise of the result, we suggest the diet and health plans to clients with the help of our qualified nutritionists.

SMBS: What has been the effect of your paintings thus far?

AB: One of our largest success so far is that we have controlled to supply this

generation to the loads that have been fed on handiest through the elite class considering that

it’s creation. So nowadays, everybody can have the funds for to guide a healthful and healthy lifestyle.

If we dive into an extra exact and enterprise-oriented angle, we are seeing our users

get faster and extra accurate effects like by no means before. These plans are easy to comply with seeing that

each plan is customized to cope with one’s genetic wishes. For example, we examine genes like

the ‘clock gene’, which enables us to determine at which era of the day the frame is most

efficient and is able to achieve its most ability.

We study a wide range of genes that play an essential position in the fitness and health

spectrum. These are useful for human beings ultimately as we now not only assist them to lose

weight but also deal with their health troubles like diabetes and cholesterol.

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